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Large wall arrangement as a planning principle

The use of the new LEICHT top cupboards with closed sliding doors, provides the whole wall area above the worktop with a smooth wall surface. All function is hidden from sight, turning kitchen furniture into living room furniture. The door elements run along an upper guide rail, suspended above the worktop and can be closed flush with surface.

LEICHT provides an alternative planning principle with X-tend+. Here horizontal slats can transform - completely or partly - an illuminated aluminium shelf, seated on the worktop, into a smooth wall surface with just one click of a button.

CONCEPT 40 is the only product from the category "kitchen", awarded the design prize "Best of the Best", by an international jury under the leadership of the Dutch star architect, Ben van Berkel. CONCEPT 40 is also based on the principle of a large, two-dimensional wall area.. The wall surface is divided in a grid of 40 cm high cupboards with lift-up doors, which can be opened individually Functional elements such as an extractor hood and taps can be integrated unobtrusively.