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For Le Corbusier colours were room-shaping. Colours, he felt, were a way of only allowing exactly what you wanted to show to appear in the conscious, regardless of whether that was a house, an interior or an object. Particularly blue tones were seen by the architect as creating an airy expansion of the space. This is why this tone is excellent for accentuating niches and rear panels, as shown here in the LEICHT kitchen CLASSIC-FS. Furthermore the cool sky blue provides a charming contrast to the fronts of the wall units and shelf divides made of genuine oak veneer.


céruléen pale

The sky reflected in ocean waves. Somewhat greenish. The third mural ‘Sky‘ colour shade.


céruléen moyen

The summery sky. Static, does not come Forward anymore. The first mural ‘Sky‘ shade.


bleu céruléen 31 

The powerful cerulean. Appears dynamic and attracts the attention.