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The colour tones of the „English green" – with a hint of blue – look still, slightly cool and reserved. The CLASSIC-FS range is all about a clear kitchen architecture in which the „vert anglais clair" looks refreshing, vitalising and close to nature. In the showcased kitchen, this slightly greyed English green is used over large spaces on the sliding doors of the midway units and also draws attention to the open shelving element that faces the living area. A total of 15 colours which perfectly complement LEICHT kitchens were chosen from the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier collection.


vert anglais pale

The mild grey green. The colour shade links retentively to the landscape.


vert anglais clair

The slightly greyed english green. Like a discreet Verona green.


vert anglais

The english green. Reminds of aristocracy, also of freshness of the forest.