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Harmony with „ombre naturelle" in the LEICHT kitchen CLASSIC-FS: as its name suggests, Umbra is a shadow colour that elegantly deflects attention away from itself. Le Corbusier in fact defined these shadow nuances with great deliberation. The „ombre naturelle" used by LEICHT is a balanced shadow available in three graded shades: a dark, natural „ombre naturelle 31", the grey/brown, aesthetic and appealing „ombre naturelle moyenne" and „ombre naturelle claire", a discreet natural shade that is perfect for combining. These select tones from Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier harmonise completely with the off-white of the kitchen island as well as with the genuine wood veneer in walnut used on the jutting out table top and the wall-mounted sideboard.


ombre naturelle claire

The discrete natural umber. As shadow colour, ideal for combinations.


ombre naturelle moyenne

The grey brown natural umber. A balanced, aesthetic and appealing colour.


ombre naturelle 31

The dark natural umber. An elegant brown grey colour.