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  • Image User Agreements



Further to our General Terms and Conditions of sale, delivery and payment the following regulations also apply to the use of our images and pictures:

This User Agreement (hereinafter: "Agreement") entitles you to download, i.e. to store, and use the images and pictures as well as the LEICHT logo in accordance with the following stipulations. Furthermore, it entitles you to use the images and pictures as well as the logo as a component of independent, graphic works. LEICHT defines independent, graphic works as new works created by the authorised party and featuring the images and pictures concerned, such as for example websites and print products. LEICHT Küchen AG is entitled to change this Agreement for the future by publishing an amended Agreement here. If you use the website after such an amendment has been made, you tacitly agree to this amendment.

LEICHT Küchen AG grants you the simple, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the images and pictures as well as the logo. The rights of use are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Our authorised dealers and business partners are granted the right of use of pictures and images for the purpose of promotional support and in relation to the sale of our products. This right of use is also granted to the press. It is absolutely prohibited to use the pictures and images to promote and market competitor products. Other natural persons or legal entities require our express written permission to use the material.
  • You must always heed specifications from LEICHT Küchen AG as regards colour, appearance and format. You may only use the pictures and images and the logo in the specified design and form, i.e. sections, montages and reproductions thereof as well as variants which have been changed electronically or using photo techniques are prohibited.
  • The use of pictures and images in relation to sensitive issues or in a way which could show LEICHT Küchen AG in a negative light or negatively impact the company is prohibited. We reserve the right to cancel the right of use in individual cases.
  • You undertake not to assert any rights against LEICHT Küchen AG by using the logo and also not to use or have protected trade marks which may be mistaken for the logo. You also undertake to use pictures, images and the logo in such a way that no false impressions are created about you and LEICHT Küchen AG being associated companies.
  • Please ensure you only use pictures and images currently provided. You yourself are responsible for pictures and images which are no longer currently made available for download, i.e. LEICHT Küchen AG is not liable for any infringement of copyright, personal rights of third parties or any other rights, e.g. when rights to pictures and images have changed.
  • The use of the LEICHT Küchen AG brand as a domain or part of a domain is prohibited without the express permission of LEICHT Küchen AG. This applies to all digital media (e-mail accounts, homepage accounts, facebook, pintrest, instagram, twitter etc.).