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Le Corbusier and the „Architectural Polychromy“

Le Corbusier, the French/Swiss architect, photographer, painter and lots more, who was once referred to by Art Magazine as the „Leonardo of the Modern Age" is seen as the most influential architect of the Modern Age. In 1931 he designed a collection of coloured wallpapers for Basel-based wallpaper company Salubra and in this context developed the colour system „Architectural Polychromy". In 1959 he added a further 20 powerful colours to the „Architectural Polychromy". „These keyboards of colour (...) in my opinion offer a method of approach which is accurate and effective, one which makes it possible to plan, in the modern home, colour harmonies which are definitely architectural and yet suited to the natural taste and needs of the individual." Les Couleurs Suisse AG has exclusive rights to sell Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier.*

* Source: Architectural colours, Le Corbusier‘s Architectural Polychromy, published by Les Couleurs Suisse AG, Zurich/CH



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